About Us

iESE - the Improvement & Efficiency Social Enterprise - works with public sector organisations to help them answer the biggest challenge facing Britain’s public services today - “how do we deliver better outcomes, at a lower cost to the public?”

Over the past 10 years we’ve delivered more than £600m in savings and service improvements to our clients, by offering a structured approach to transformation, service design and innovation.


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Our Products

We offer a core range of proven, innovative products that can be adapted to  a range of service areas. With experience delivering outcomes from social care to waste management, our core products base can provide the right mix and package of professional support you need to redesign and transform public service delivery.

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Become a Member

Becoming a member of iESE allows you to access considerable resource, data, advice and expertise. Rather than researching and accessing expensive private sector advice, the best public sector knowledge can be harnessed for as little as one pound.

We are passionate about public sector service improvement because are run by the public sector, for the public sector. We are a social enterprise, not a consultancy and  are motivated by making meaningful improvement across the sector and any surplus we generate is re-invested into projects which benefit the whole sector.

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Whatever service area you’re passionate about improving, we’re confident we have the  experience, track record and project skills to be able to help you reduce cost and improve outcomes.

To get in touch for an initial discussion with one of our consultants, call us on 01883 732957 or email us by clicking the button below. 


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