Classifications & Mappings


Classifications & Mappings

Most organisations using ProClass are already using some form of coding system in one of their IT systems. The most common ones are UNSPSC and CPV, but there are others including Thomson, NSV, and hybrid structures such as CIPFA codes. These coding systems, or schema, are usually found in:

  • Finance and Accounting Systems / ERP solutions
  • Market places and Supplier Portals
  • E-catalogues
  • E- Tendering systems
  • Contracts Registers

Organisations typically will be using different versions of these schema, so even trying to compare one version with another can prove to be difficult, let alone trying to compare across.

This makes comparison within and between multiple organisations very difficult.

As a procurement classification system, ProClass overlays all these coding schema and has been mapped to each of them and to the different versions that are published. This supports local authorities by:

  • Ensuring there is only one version of the ‘truth’ to advance collaboration and market engagement
  • Provide ‘look-up tables’ and translation between the different coding schema so that a common procurement language can be used
  • Avoiding having to use expensive consultants and spend analysis providers to duplicate work already undertaken
  • Help embed standard version of ProClass rather than the unofficial hybrid versions that have been provided by some IT providers

We have a comprehensive range of mappings from ProClass to other coding and classification systems. To download any of these mappings  visit our document library.

Please note that the following UNSPSC and Thomson mappings are best fit  (1 to 1 mapping).  For further information about full mappings please contact

Latest mappings are to version C14.1 of ProClass