Children's Services Healthcheck


The iESE Healthcheck is an external review of your services performance. The ‘Challenge’ is determining whether your current strategy is strong enough to deliver the improvements and efficiencies that it needs to be sustainable in the medium term. iESE will do this by helping you to understand how different authority models can work and what they can look like in the future.


What is an iESE Healthcheck?

  • developed for up to 10 senior managers and councillors 
  • two days of stakeholder interviews
  • a facilitated one day workshop 
  • two days of 1-2-1 online training. 

Leading to: 

  • strengthened management team, leader and member dynamics and relationships 
  • a clear direction and established priorities such as focusing limited resources for greatest impact. 
  • a recording of discussions and plan 
  • a report containing an action plan for you to move things forward.