Local Government Transformation Conference 2019

Church House, Westminster, London, SW1P 3NZ
12 November 2019 - 9:30am to 4:30pm


iESE Autumn Conference 2019

The Use Of Digital and Technology to Totally Reinvent Public Services


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Back by popular demand from last year's event, the iESE autumn conference mixes sharing best practice with finding new solutions.  The focus of the event is the use of digital and technology to totally reinvent local public services.  There will be presentations of leading practice from across the UK but also the chance to share ideas on the areas ripe for disruption in digital and technology and to commission demonstration developments as a part of the iESE research programme. 


What our autumn conference aims to achieve

With reduced funding comes the necessity of understanding need as it arises in the community and meet it before it presents as demand for public service.  Whatever the service, excellent customer engagement is not sufficient to balance the budget; complete reinvention is now an essential part of the next step in transforming local public services.

Whilst we know the direction of travel, none of us know what local public services will look like.  At a time when resources are scarce, we can’t afford not to share the lessons that we have learned and to work together to create the next generation of best practice.


See what we got up to at last year's conference: Local Government Transformation Conference 2018


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This conference is also a chance for your authority to achieve recognition with a Certificate of Excellence, as certificates will be presented in the evening of this event. The Certificate of Excellence is awarded to mark significant innovations in transforming local public services.  With the loss of government funding local public services are being reinvented.  Learning from each other reduces the cost of change and increases the likelihood of success.

To read more about the Certificate of Excellence, view previous winners, and to start an application, please click on the link below.

Certificate of Excellence


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