Solace Summit 2019

The Hilton Birmingham Metropole
17 October 2019 - 4:15pm to 5:00pm

A Session On Real Time Local Government - The Shape Of Things To Come


Solace Summit - 17th October 2019 - 16:15 - 17:00


Are you interested in exploring how digital and new technology will affect the future of local government, and also discover potential models that can allow you to play a meaningful part in these changes? iESE will present the findings and outcomes of our digital white paper, including a demonstration of cutting-edge applications designed to disrupt our existing approach to local public services. 


Session Overview

Looking around at the changes emerging within our community in digital and technology it is already possible to imagine a very different economic, social and environmental future.  Over the last year iESE has been researching the implications of these changes for our communities and for local public services and consulting with chief executives and members with the support of Solace.

We are going to be presenting the findings of the outcome in the form of our white paper.  Exploring the nature of the changes to come and the potential models that will allow local government to be a meaningful part of those changes.

One of the reflections of the white paper research is that whilst we are starting to do well in digital within our communities the same is not always true within the local authority. In the community we expect real time information and real time service and yet inside our authorities we often fall short of a real time approach.  And when we do get things right the costs of digital in the sector can be artificially high. This is particularly true when managing change within our authority.

iESE has developed and will demonstrate 2 initiatives that are designed to disrupt our approach, one within a service (the commissioning of care) and the other in the back office (managing behaviour change). We want to demonstrate that we can develop and use systems that put intelligent data informed tools in the field for some of the most important decisions that we make and at a fraction of current market cost.  We also want to demonstrate that we can meaningfully apply digital approaches to the process of transformation itself bringing greater certainty, speed and accuracy to our delivery of new ways of working.

We recognise that there are pockets of excellence in digital and technology across the country and in different aspects of digital.  We are challenging the sector to work with us to join this up and make much better use of our collective knowledge as an innovation network.


Session Presenters

Dr Andrew Larner

With more than 25 years’ experience in improving public services, iESE’s Chief Executive has experience not just in the UK but around the world. During the past 15 years Andrew has led the growth of iESE from a small social enterprise start-up to the sector’s leading transformation partner – working with hundreds of authorities around the UK, and supporting the delivery of more than £1billion in savings. A sector-leader on information management and the information society, with a doctorate in balancing rights in information, Andrew’s use of digital technology to link authorities together and deliver joined up services was recognised internationally.

Andrew has worked with public services in more than 20 countries – supporting authorities in China to modernise their management systems during rapid change, while in Hungary he supported the development of legislation, government institutions and IT systems to manage a burgeoning property market. As such he has a breadth of experience of public service operating models to bring to the sector.


Mr John Comber

John began his career in the insurance industry and then moved into local government where over the last 35 years he has acquired experience in all aspects of the industry. Accomplished in the leadership and management of public services, John has been involved in the modernisation and transformation of many of the services Councils deliver. John retired from his role as Chief Executive of the Royal Borough in August 2017, and has continued to enjoy helping people, organisations and places, to make the most of their potential, working with local government and related organisations, with a particular interest in people, regeneration and digital transformation. 

John is delighted to be supporting iESE with their mission to identify, foster and deliver improvements and efficiencies across the public sector, with a membership of over 50 public sector partners they are going from strength to strength.