‘Identifying the challenge – Implementing the change’ : iESE’s Efficiency Challenge

As you prepare for the next round of budget cuts, looking for ways of finding even further efficiency savings can be a challenge.  Implementing those changes that come with further cuts can prove even harder.  This is where the Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise’s Efficiency Challenge can help you.

At iESE, we understand your pressures and constraints which is why our Efficiency Challenge is a no-nonsense approach to working with a council’s top team of officers and/or members to ensure that their efficiency programmes are on track to meet targets or where necessary to re-focus their efforts.

Built on five years of experience and delivering £250 million cashable savings to the sector, iESE continues to increase the pace of change and is now working nationally with councils, helping them to find more money saving solutions whilst continuing to provide the highest quality services to residents.  Our effective results speak for themselves, with every £1 of public money invested in iESE generating £5 in efficiency savings for the council taxpayer.

Once you decide to take the challenge and prior to our arrival, our team of experts will use strategic intelligence and information, supported by data, information and metrics, to identify the main efficiency opportunities for your council. We will consider all potential areas for collaboration and outsourcing and will find ways of delivering current services more efficiently and effectively.
On arrival we will facilitate a half-day workshop where we will present to you our findings.  This will be followed by a detailed discussion and action planning sessions and at the end of the day you will be provided with a comprehensive report with our recommendations.

Our solutions will hold no hidden surprises as we will have developed them with you, offered support and advice to ensure you understand your own rationale.  They will be clear and precise to enable successful implementation

Because our people are experts from across a range of fields with real practitioner experience and a deep knowledge of change management, we will be drawing on our experience of what works and just as importantly, if not more so, what doesn’t work in the ‘real world’ of councils. 

Our unique position within the local government family and track record of successful delivery also means that we have developed a great many relationships with subject matter experts across various councils, who we have helped to coach and mentor, and whose knowledge and resources we are able to draw on.  We work with local authorities collaboratively as we believe solutions belong to clients – as they have to make it work.

To find out how iESE can help you take the challenge, contact us today on
01883 732 957 or email enquiries@iese.gov.uk