ProClass Licences


Getting Access

In order to gain access to ProClass you will need to complete a licence agreement.

The licence agreement can be found below. Please read this carefully, complete and return to or by post to:

Council offices
8 Station Road East

To download the licence click here - please note that you will need to be registered to access this licence. Not registered yet? To become a member click here


Why ProClass is licenced

As an offering, ProClass has grown considerably since it was launched in 2007 and now includes lots of valuable services including mappings to other coding systems plus access to advice, consultancy and skills transfer programmes.

Licencing ProClass allows us to do three things:

  • Understand who is using ProClass and maintain the service there for local authorities and public sector organisations
  • Ensure that only official versions of ProClass are being used and actively discouraging the use of unofficial ones

About iESE and the ProClass Licence

iESE is a not for profit local government social enterprise and is the owner of the data and lookup tables that form the ProClass standard. iESE founded the standard and has commissioned the work that created and maintained it since its inception. 

iESE has made the standard available free at the point of usage during this time and would like to continue to do so.  Accordingly the current annual Licence fee is £0. 

iESE is working with the LGA on ways to ensure the financial sustainability of ProClass for the future and will be consulting on options. For more information contact