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Local government spends around £1.7bn on waste services each year. This spend represents a huge opportunity for savings, for looking at innovative ways to approach waste and recycling. iESE have worked with 98% of local authorities to look at efficiency, cost reduction and income generation. We continue to bring authorities together to leverage the sector’s shared buying power, while maintaining a focus on getting the best services for your local residents.

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We’ve worked with councils across the country to improve efficiency, innovation and outcomes in waste and recycling.

Read how we’ve done this through our:

Waste Healthcheck

Waste services framework

Innovation in Waste


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Becoming a member of iESE's Waste & Resources Innovation Club allows you to access considerable resource, data, advice and expertise. 

The iESE Waste & Resources Innovation Club provides members with quarterly meetings plus the additional benefit of bespoke consultancy support for your service. The club is a network of industry leaders which meets to review hot topics, hear from speakers leading change in the sector and consider how emerging innovations might be applied to public waste services.

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Whatever area you’re passionate about improving, we’re confident we have the  experience, track record and project skills to be able to help you reduce cost and improve outcomes.

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Waste & Recycling: Our Products

  • Waste Healthcheck

    We looked at Route Optimisation in Gravesham and increased productivity by 20%, saving fleet and crew costs of £160k.

  • Innovation in Waste

    The iESE Waste & Resources Innovation Club provides a hub for sector support and access to discounted iESE products.

  • Waste Contract Renegotiation

    We helped Mid Sussex DC retender their refuse contract, resulting in approximately £450k cashable savings.

  • Waste Partnership Route Map

    The Route Map is a source of information, guidance and tools for managing LA partnership waste services.