Aylesbury Vale District Council

Case Study: From £1.5million costs to £450,000 profit a year

The Challenge

• Aylesbury Vale District Council needed to reduce its costs by £5m
• The CEO wanted to establish the Planning department’s true costs and identify ways to reduce them


• Engage external, independent experts to identify & facilitate necessary changes
• Implement the iESE 3R Model

Why iESE?

• Established experts and knowledgeable team
• Contributed to the solution without bias towards specific products
• Geared to deliver innovative and measurable results
• Track record of saving £millions and transforming public sector services


• iESE identified a long-term, commercially viable solution
• iESE acted as a catalyst for beneficial cultural change
• iESE facilitated significant change in the

Planning Officers’ Thinking

• iESE provided tools, empowering the council to continue to improve
• With iESE’s guidance, the Planning Department turned a £1.5m per annum loss into a £450k surplus


"Most unexpected, although I wasn’t surprised, was iESE’s commentary on the need for cultural change. Anyone that thinks that iESE is just going to come to run the numbers, and I think 43% of people think this, misread the type of consultancy people that your team contains. They really did the heavy lifting on the people and the attitudes and the behaviours side as much as the objective information and their research findings, so the unexpected bonus is having people competent enough to deal with the people issues of change as well as the arithmetic issues.” -  Andrew Grant, CEO Aylesbury Vale District Council