Aylesbury Vale District Council - People

Case Study: Staff behavioural assessments key to changing Council culture 

The Challenge

• How to ensure an organisation moved to a more commercial culture
• How to select the highest quality staff for a new organisation structure 


• Advising and agreeing on the best assessment approach to achieve the right outcome
• Understanding how effective and ineffective behaviours were displayed across all levels and the most appropriate way to assess these
• Designing and delivering appropriate employee behavioural assessments for different groups 

Why iESE?

• iESE has experience of transforming Local Authorities
• iESE shares its knowledge and learning from other projects
• iESE has experience of designing assessments against a behaviour framework
• iESE has the capacity and knowledge to deliver assessments for small groups through to large organisations 


• More than 400 staff assessments were successfully carried out
• AVDC staff were trained to carry out the assessor role
• AVDC restructured its organisation and succeeded in changing its culture. 


“iESE were able to bring in some lessons learnt from other Local Authorities going through a similar assessment process and that certainly helped us. Dr Andrew Larner joined the Commercial AVDC Programme Board. He helped ensure we were not too operational and insular looking. One of the particular areas of support was around the wider knowledge Andrew brought to the board and therefore his ability to challenge our ideas and plans.” -  Alan Evans, Commercial AVDC Programme Sponsor, Aylesbury Vale District Council