Behaviour Change

Many authorities still employ people with the same traditional, expectations and values of the past. But local government is a different environment now. If we need something different, are we prepared to employ differently? And can authorities compete in the job market to get the right people with the right skills and behaviours?

As well as commercial behaviours, there are a whole set of other different behaviours needed – creativity, innovation, challenge, and the appetite for (and ability to manage) risk.

Technical skills can be learnt – behaviours and culture cannot. At iESE, we work with authorities to build behaviour-based frameworks for assessing and/or developing staff to ensure they have a workforce fit for the future.

We are developing a free guide to behaviours.  The top 5 tips drawn from those that have experience of a behaviour based apporach.  If you woud like a copy of the guide or want to find out more about how behavioural assessment for your authority fill out the form below to download a copy.

Top Tips For Successful Behaviour Change