Bracknell Forest

Case Study: Council-wide support services restructure saves £800,000 a year 


The Challenge

• Restructuring council-wide support services into a single unit

• Developing a more enabling culture and better customer service

• Making better use of existing technology

The Solution

• Process mapping of the roles done by support staff

• Undertaking customer workshops to get the customer's view

• Making some tasks, such as within HR, self-serve

Why iESE ?

• iESE can broach difficult conversations with staff as an intermediary

• iESE shares its knowledge from projects with other local authorities

• iESE works hard to upskill in-house staff rather than sell additional consultancy


• £800,000-worth of annual savings
• A more enabling culture for staff
• Better customer service. 


"Taking savings to ever increasing levels meant having to undertake whole system reviews rather than relying on more limited tactical changes. iESE brought a certainty born out of practical experience to those parts of the overall programme that they supported"   - Tim Wheadon, Chief Executive

"iESE engaged all of the teams across the council to design the best operating model for us. It was an exemplar of engagement and communication throughout, involving staff and their customers and delivering great results"   - Alison Sanders, Director of Human Resources