Broxbourne Borough Council

Case Study: Broxbourne Council looks at transformation to put residents and businesses first 


The Challenge

• Assessing whether an organisational restructure could deliver significant benefits to customers

• Convincing senior management and members that a more agile way of working and a more customer-centric operating model could deliver ongoing savings

The Solution

• Introducing Broxbourne to other iESE clients

• Demonstrating the benefits of locality teams

• Modelling data to demonstrate the scale of potential savings

• Using modelling tools to map out potential new structures and savings

• Comparing and contrasting the data with other Local Authorities

Why iESE ?

• iESE has a proven track record in helping transform Local Authorities

• iESE shares its data and knowledge from other projects

• iESE has the modelling tools to rapidly demonstrate how organisational change might look

• iESE's social enterprise model makes its services cost-effective


• A business case showing the potential for £1.4m in savings

• Broxbourne met another iESE client and was impressed with its model

• Broxbourne has commissioned iESE to develop and present possible models it could adopt 


The customer-centric model coupled with potential savings highlighted by iESE - around £1.4m - was too interesting to ignore. iESE took us to see another Local Authority they had worked with. We were very impressed and have found the knowledge- sharing beneficial.” -  Jeff Stack, Chief Executive