Business Process Review

Typically, this is a service based review, but can be back office, front line or across boundaries within the organisation or between your organisation and its partners.

We give you evidence based approach to customer demand, to embed change in the organisation using a tried and tested systems thinking approach. We ensure that the result is aligned with your strategic direction and maximises efficiency.

The review is driven from your customer’s perspective so is always relevant and current.  Better service outcomes for customers also leads to increased satisfaction with your organisation.  But they also give you a very clear roadmap which can turn losses into surplesses (see for exampe the resuts of our review of the planning application process).

We have current sector knowledge and expertise across the UK which is why we can deliver fast and have credibility with your staff.  Skills and knowledge transfer is a part of the review so you build a cadre of skilled, more motivated staff to repeat in other areas, saving you costs of external support.

Our research into new models of public service delivery provide you with access to the latest innovative solutions, which means you get the best solution for your needs.

We use a range of leading edge, professional tools that have immediate practical application and impact, so savings and changes can be delivered quickly, with less disruption to service.

A service review is typically 12 weeks in duration.   We will give you quick wins, next steps and action plans.  In addition to saving identification, we support delivery so that you bank savings.