Cambridge City Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council & Huntingdonshire District Council (3C)

Case Study: Tri-council legal team merger delivers on savings targets   


The Challenge

• Restructuring the legal team and getting staff buy-in

• Implementing legal software to support the merged departments

• Enabling the software to work across multiple locations, including for remote working

• Liaising with the three councils’ IT services - one of which was externally outsourced - and which were also undergoing a merger

• Working with multiple suppliers, such as network operators and telecoms companies

The Solution

• Mapping out the future needs of a merged legal team

• Implementing the legal software solution Iken

• Imbedding an iESE consultant into the organisation to give day-to-day support

• Keeping all parties on task to drive the project to completion

Why iESE ?

• iESE has legal and IT expertise

• iESE has worked with other local authorities to assist with merging their functions

• iESE shares its learning across clients

• iESE has the experience and knowledge to develop a business case and drive it forward


• A 15 per cent saving across the three councils

• A successful merger of the three legal teams into one

• New software implemented on time to support the merged function. 


“We chose iESE because they had real experience of transforming other council's ICT into leading- edge services and also the practical skills of running ICT services day-to-day in councils. We knew it was important that the new ICT service wasn’t just a merger of the existing services. We need it to be a true platform for transformation.” -  Ray Ward, Strategic Director, Cambridge City Council