Customer Focus Review

To really deliver the services and outcomes their communities need, councils have to fully understand the people who receive their services.

By actively and accurately reviewing trends of the customer we are able to assess customer need and value in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the service.

By truly understanding the needs of the customer, processes can be designed against demand – allowing the root cause of waste to be addressed in full. We work alongside your staff (either front of house or in service) to get a real feel for your individual customer needs and the journey they take in accessing your authority in order to understand what can be done to improve the customer experience.

The primary purpose of this assessment is to ensure that not only do you achieve the optimum shape and way of working for a council but also the right size.  By identifying, categorizing and tracking failure demand from customer contact to its source in the organisation we determine the extent of failure demand in the current system and the opportunity to improve services and reduce the size of the council even on the current delivery model