Innovation Blueprint

iESE has researched the latest models of organisation in local publc service delivery and understands the advantages and disadvantages of each.  iESE can support organisations in designing an appropriate organisation model for them.

It is often desirable to create a Business Case for the new Design of organisation since moving to a new organisation design can require significant resources.  Using class leading digital techniques iESE generates models of the current orgnaisation, and any partner organisation that will be involved in the transformation, links them and, using the design principles in the Innovation Mandate, and a range of sector leading designs we generate potential new models of the target design to be considered and tailored to your requirements. Since the design is generated using detailed information from the councils’ HR systems as the design evolves, it is possible to see the bottom line of the new organisation with a much higher dree of confidence, 

“In an environment where the future outlook for local authorities is uncertain, I am now confident we will have the right organisation for its purpose and one which is able to adapt to meet future challenges.”

Janet Waggott, Chief Executive, Ryedale District Council