Innovation Mandate

Innovation consulting with our innovation mandate:

  • Provides a clear framework for change
  • Sets out design rules
  • Unites your organisations leadership and staff in transforming their services.

We work with you to create a high-level document that provides a genuine purpose for embarking on the Transformation Programme. It provides a description as to the objectives, goals and priorities that will form the main part of the Mandate, that links people and activities to a common, mission, purpose and objective. 

Benefits of the innovation mandate:

  • Avoids wasting resources
  • Reduces the appetite for change
  • Ensuring that all efforts are focused on the right transformations done in the right way.

For local authorities, engagement with elected members is an essential part of the innovation mandate.  iESE brings its long experience of working with councillors to bear in creating a mandate for change which meets the needs of officers and members alike.

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