The Digital Tsunami: Taking The Plunge

With legal responsibilities and demand having increased, resources reduced, and the mechanisms designed to balance the two leaving an increasing gap, Government is focused... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 27 August 2019

Category: Consultancy, Public Sector, Transformation

Factory builds: An answer to the housing crisis?

Modular housing is gaining momentum and, although still in the early stages, factory-built housing could be game changing - doing for housing what factories once did for motor car... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 16 July 2019

CareCubed: Delivering care cost clarity

CareCubed brings significant enhancements to the modelling of care costs in line with changing patterns of care provision, as well asease of use on mobile devices, a fresher user... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 16 July 2019

Category: CareCubed, social care

Improvement And Innovation At Your Fingertips

At the local level, councils are not just improving but really innovating, not least in driving forward the development of more thriving and resilient communities. We want to... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 04 June 2019

Category: Public Sector, shared services, Transformation

Spotlight On Public Sector Apprentice Talent

To showcase some of the incredible talent emerging in the public sector, here we look at the joint-winners and another finalist of The Public Services People Managers Association... Read more

Posted by annabellespencer | 23 May 2019