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iESE Offers 3 Services: Review, Remodel & Reinvent

Whether you want to Review, Remodel, Reinvent, or tackle all three to improve your organisation, iESE is here to guide the way to achieving your goals using a selection of our product offerings.



During a Review iESE acts as an external set of eyes providing a thorough analysis of your organisations current operations and services, identifying the good and the what could be better. iESE supports the leadership in your organisation ensuring that you avoid wasting resources and reducing the appetite for change by ensuring that all efforts are focused on the right transformations done in the right way.

Why Choose iESE?

  • 10+ years experience with local authorities creating a mandate for change
  • A plan that meets the needs of officers and members alike
  • Our reviews improve services and operations across the board
  • Evidence of substantial cost reductions based-upon current delivery models

An iESE Review can also act as a platform for Remodelling and Reinventing your services should you wish to delve further



Are you finding that your efficiencies alone won’t deliver the savings that you need? Or perhaps you want to change your organisation to make it more customer focussed, for example? Why not remodel your organisation with the iESE Transformation Model?

  • Proven Success; it’s based upon consultation of over 100 authorities in the UK.
  • Unique Models; it takes into account your local context, rather than a cookie cutter approach that transplants any random organisation model
  • Collaboration; it provides proven design principles that allows us to work with you to develop the organisation that is appropriate to your community.

iESE uses its delivery methodology to help you implement your chosen design using the iESE toolkit, which includes world-class digital solutions for managing your transformation.



Entire organisation transformation is about fundamentally re-purposing the organisation for the future and, normally, making significant savings and generating new income.

In the long term, we need fundamental change across whole organisations and across the boundaries between parts of the public sector.  This needs to be based upon a rethink of the role of the public body.  Without this we won’t achieve sustainable public services and sustainable and vibrant communities.

What We Offer

  • We are experts in delivering coherent, outcome-focussed transformation plans
  • We provide end-to-end support every step of your organisation’s journey
  • We improve the links between structure, process, people and culture
  • We help to build sustainable and fit-for-the-future services
  • We acknowledge customer needswhich are met when building new business models
  • We strive to increase community resilience whilst reducing the likelihood for traditional public service.
  • And above all, we will ensure your people are as enthusiastic as we are about the change.


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