Our Rewards







As a not for profit social enterprise whose sole mission is to improve local public services, everything iESE does has a Corporate Social Responsibility.


iESE strives to invest back into the sector where possible through its councils, officers and members.

Innovation Club: iESE have created a group of leading local authorities, allowing us to identify and share best practice across the UK.

Public Sector Transformation Awards:Now in its 10th year, iESE recognises the achievements of the sector through its creation and running of these awards.

iESE helps develop the talents and skills of the sector through secondments from councils, through its support of councils’ Graduate Development Programmes and its development of the Local Government Transformation Managers Network.

iESE also provides support to struggling authorities providing the sectors ‘safety net’ in times of real challenge, and helps research new ways of working with a current focus on Digital Transformation and Health & Social Care.