Service Review

Improving public services through diagnostics and design  


Our Service Reviews:

  • Provides a full diagnostic picture of how the service is currently operating, including benchmarking against other local authorities
  • Brings all stakeholders together to work towards the vision the local authority has for the service 
  • A complete set of design principles for how the service could operate differently and assistance with design implementation to achieve the vision 

The iESE Service Review provides an effective way of scrutinising a service to find any potential improvements that could be made. 

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What is the Service Review?

Typically taking between four and eight weeks, a Service Review has two phases - a diagnostic and a design phase. At the end of the process iESE will have worked with you to develop design principles which propose ways to improve the service. These typically include quick wins as well as longer term improvements. 


How does it work?

The first stage, the diagnostic stage, starts with an iESE consultant and team scoping out the aims of the review with stakeholders - from employees to service users. After working out the scope of the review and understanding who needs to be involved, detailed analysis of three key areas begins: Process Mapping, Staff Activity and Customer Voice. 

Process Mapping looks at how the work done by the service comes together to produce an output, Staff Activity Analysis looks at what staff actually do to provide a service and, thirdly, the Customer Voice looks at why the service exists and what customers think of it. This detailed analysis shows where there could be issues with the service and provides evidence of what and where the problem areas are.  

After the analysis is complete, iESE provides clear recommendations and design principles which propose ways to better the service. This includes easy wins that can be implemented quickly and bigger changes that can be made in time. We can then help you implement the changes when you are ready or give you the plans to start making those changes yourself. 


What are the benefits?

  • Improved customer service through a revamped service with potential cost savings now or in the future
  • Gaining the clarity and evidence to identify where issues are with a service
  • Bringing different parts of the organisation together in collaboration to improve the service - strengthening the relationships between stakeholders 


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