South Hams & West Devon Council

Case Study: Two councils merge their back-end services collectively saving £5m a year  


The Challenge

• Merging the back-end services of two councils to save money and provide better service

• Changing the staffing structure and designing a new recruitment process to aid its success

The Solution

• The creation of a behavioural framework aligned to the new target operating model, allowing the councils to recruit for behaviours rather than necessarily experience

• Newly-designed organisation model showing the new staffing structure and what the savings would be

• Placing a specialist iESE consultant on each interview panel and making an iESE advisor the interim manager of support services while all staff were interviewed

Why iESE ?

• iESE understands local government

• iESE can keep the cost down by sharing knowledge and best practice amongst councils

• iESE's builds capability rather than dependence

• iESE provides an impartial view and can offer post-project support


• Annual savings of more than £5m across the two authorities

• Successfully changing the culture of the organisation. 


"iESE really understands local government. Other advisors could help us restructure, but it takes a different kind of organisation to help change a culture. iESE provided us with an impartial view which was important to us when carrying out our staff assessments and implementing the transformation programme." -  Sophie Hosking, Executive Director, Service Delivery and Commercial Development