Total Transformation

Local authorities across the UK are looking into large-scale transformation in order to deliver on savings and their income plan. But without a robust approach to transformation, you can risk losing gained inefficiencies.

We deliver innovation with certainty that not only guarantees your total transformation will generate efficient and more secure ways of working, but it also focuses its efforts around the customer. We are continuously learning and improving the transformation process through our work with local government across the UK, and have helped many achieve success along the way.


The iESE Transformation Framework is built up of three components:

+ Our model of service, customer and community helps you design your new organisation

+ We offer a toolkit with tried and tested tools that deliver your transformation securely

+ And our methodology lays out all aspects of your transformation in clear and easy to follow stages


Our iESE framework can deliver total transformation in less than 18 months, and payback in less than 12 months. Our sustainable solutions approach, whereby we strive to build capacity not dependency, allows us to transfer our knowledge to you to sustain and reap the many benefits of your new transformation.

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