Transform Magazine


A Magazine for All Public Servants Seeking to Transform Local Public Services


As a non-profit organisation seeking to promote sharing best practice to improve public services, we created Transform to be a place to share helpful advice and suggestions in transforming public services, and this year we have launched it within the MJ alongside our free digital copy online. Transform covers a variety of topics about local public service transformation across the UK, and although the magazine is in its early stages of devlopment, the response so far has been very positive. We also produce a special Transformation Awards Winners magazine edition each year, to highlight some of the fantastic work that gets showcased at the awards event.

We are constantly looking for new stories to talk about, and are asking for you to help contribute towards it's creation - we want to speak to your transformation teams and front line staff about your public sector innovations and improvements to your services. We have a journalist on hand to interview your team over a phone call, making this as easy as possible for you to be heard!


If you are interested in getting your local public service transformation story heard, email using the subject line "TRANSFORM". 


We look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime have a browse of our magazines below:

February 2019 Edition


October 2018 Edition


June 2018 Edition


Transformation Awards 2018 Edition


March 2018 Edition