Westward Housing Group

Case Study: Company restructure puts customer first and roadmaps the way forward  


The Challenge

• Achieving 90 per cent customer satisfaction by 2020

• Taking the business from an excellent to an outstanding performer on customer satisfaction

• Looking across the whole organisation to see where wasted activity could be cut

• Developing a strategic plan to allow significant savings while improving the customer experience

The Solution

• Detailed analysis of the customer journey

• Designing a new Target Operating Model in line with the company's 'customer first' ethos

• Restructuring teams within the business to deliver on an updated strategic plan

Why iESE ?

• iESE was recommended to the business

• iESE had the necessary skills and experience to do the work

• iESE's ethos of knowledge sharing and reinvesting its profits into research was a good fit with Westward's own social responsibility ethos


• £250,000 worth of savings

• The business has a clear strategic plan up to 2020

• A staff restructure immediately reduced the customer call pass on rate from 34 per cent to 14 per cent. 


"iESE were professional, understood what they were doing, had a good range of experience and presented information in a clear and concise way. iESE were extremely easy to work with. They helped us identify things that we would not necessarily have seen for ourselves." -  Nigel Barnard, Executive Director of Operations, Westward Housing